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About Us

Debbie and Venky

Turn back the calendar over a century ago, to when our grand-father conceived the notion of cultivating land in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. It was hard work, from early mornings till late evenings. No holidays and lot of endurance. He was the man of the land and my dad inherited that from him and focused on farming ecologically. Mango tress, coconut trees and few hundred other fruits and vegetables were planted by him and are now fully grown and fruit bearing trees.

We farm responsibly with minimized environmental footprint and sustainable soil management, we use less water in farming to contribute to the environment.  Reducing, Reusing and Recycling 99% of waste generated from farming is a way of life for our farmers.

We are modernizing our farms and are galvanizing the farming community in our region. We supply most of the fresh fruits and vegetables to the local markets. We have opened doors to export our key coconut products and dried fruits, so you know the young coconut water you drink, coconut milk you cook and the dried fruit you eat is as good for the world as it is for you.