DCOCO partnered with Creative Visuals for creative & IT support

by / Friday, 19 July 2013 / Published in News

Bangalore, India, 13th July 2013,

DCOCO and Creative Visuals meet to explore and strengthen the cooperation between the two companies. The move paves way for stronger creative &  IT support and future work. Mr. Nathan, director DCOCO, said “We are very pleased with DCOCO trademark created by Creative Visuals. Job well done!” Mr. Mohanty, director Creative Visuals, reiterated, “Creative Visuals is proud to be working closely with DCOCO.” Despite being on two different continents the collaboration has been fruitful and to the satisfaction of both companies. Collaboration enhances the possibilities of Creative Visual’s creative &  IT expertise being made available to the core DCOCO farmers and at the same time to DCOCO’s European counterparts. “DCOCO and Creative Visuals is committed to integrate and work together even closer”, said Mr Nathan and Mr. Mohanty together.

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