Fresh Young Coconuts

Coconut palm is the most useful palm in the world. Every part of the tree is useful to human life in some form or the other. Hence, the coconut palm is endearingly called in Sanskrit “Kalpavriksha” meaning the wish fulfilling divine tree. Coconuts are very useful and healthy drupes (fruit and not nut). When the coconuts are young they have clear sweet coconut water inside the nut, naturallypacked with minerals, protein, vitamins andreducing sugars with soft meat.  In young coconuts sugar is in the form of glucose and fructose (reducing sugars)and turns to sucrose (non-reducing sugar) as the coconut matures with meat. Whether young or mature, coconuts are widely used in tropical countries for drinking, cooking and healthy living.

Raw, fresh coconuts may belittle tricky to open. However, with our trimmed young coconuts with husk removed, you will be surprised with theease of opening and mild sweet pristine coconut water.

DCOCO trimmed young coconuts are upto 6-7 months as fresh and raw as if just harvested from the tree.

Health benefits of Fresh Young Coconut Water

  • 1 of your 5 a day
  • Promotes weights loss
  • Anti-aging qualities
  • Low in calories
  • Low in fat
  • Re-hydrates the body quickly
  • Nature’s sports drink
  • More potassium than a banana


Bulk and Retail packs:

Bulk: 20’FCL and 40’FCL

20 or 200 litre drums Young Coconut Water:  Frozen/Aseptic and Coconut Milk: Frozen/Aseptic
6 or 9 in box Fresh young coconuts removed husk
4*2.5 kg bag in box Dried cut fruit: Coconuts, mangoes, banana, papaya and pineapple


1 L, 330 ml and 200 mltetrapak and 210 ml glass bottle Young Coconut Water
3 L, 400 ml and 200 ml  tin cans Coconut Milk
6 or 9 in a box Fresh young coconuts removed husk

Kindly enquire for prices. Private label available upon request.